SFC is the most active Seed investment firm in the UK, having backed 300 early-stage ventures since 2012. Investors can invest either directly as business angels or through our fully-managed SEIS and EIS funds. Our approach aims to maximise potential returns whilst lowering the risk associated with very early-stage investments.

01Why SFC?

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Reducing Risk

We mitigate some of the risks associated with SEIS and EIS through diversification. Every year, we invest in over 50 companies across various sectors from Consumer Goods to B2B Software and Life Sciences, bringing diversity to investors' portfolios.

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A Proven Strategy

We look for ambitious entrepreneurs and help them build scalable businesses. For our investors, we build diversified portfolios of high-potential SEIS and EIS eligible opportunities in order to optimise the risk/return profile of seed investments.

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Post-Investment Support

Our involvement does not end with the investment. We continue to assist investors and entrepreneurs on their journey to achieving a successful exit.

02SEIS/EIS Investing

Profit & Loss

The (Seed) Enterprise Investment Schemes are tax-efficient schemes designed to incentivise early stage investments. SEIS and EIS offer generous tax benefits to individuals investing in British startups. Try our SEIS/EIS Tax Calculator to find out the potential tax reliefs you can benefit from by investing in qualifying startups.

03Fund investment opportunities

SFC Angel Fund IX EIS SFC Angel Fund IX EIS

SFC Angel Fund IX EIS

Invest in SFC’s portfolio stars.
Raising £20m EIS
SFC Angel Fund X SEIS SFC Angel Fund X SEIS

SFC Angel Fund X SEIS

Invest in a portfolio of innovative new businesses across the UK
Raising £20m SEIS

04Direct investment opportunities

Hydrologiq Ltd cover Hydrologiq Ltd cover

Hydrologiq Ltd

Simplifying the supply chain for off-grid hydrogen powered assets.
Raising £450,000 SEIS/EIS
Vertical Future cover Vertical Future cover

Vertical Future

Leading vertical farming technology & research company
Raising £5,000,000 SEIS/EIS
Solveteq Solveteq


Developing sustainable methods for battery recycling.
Raising £0 SEIS/EIS
Nuspec Oil Ltd. cover Nuspec Oil Ltd. cover

Nuspec Oil Ltd.

Developer of biodegradable and thermo-stable base oils for lubricants.
Raising £250,000 SEIS/EIS
Mayku cover Mayku cover


We believe making ideas real should be as easy as imagining them.
Raising £1,000,000 EIS
Sociate AI cover Sociate AI cover

Sociate AI

Self-aware AI voice agents that see and guide customers.
Raising £250,000 EIS
Immaculate Vegan Ltd cover Immaculate Vegan Ltd cover

Immaculate Vegan Ltd

The world’s premier online vegan fashion destination.
Raising £300,000 EIS
Butlr cover Butlr cover


Smart ordering platform across bars, pubs and restaurants. Seamless experience.
Raising £300,000 SEIS/EIS
People Force People Force


An all-in-one HR solution that lets you focus on people rather than processes.
Raising £460,000 EIS
Settld cover Settld cover


Simplifying end of life admin and leading death care into the digital age.
Raising £500,000 EIS
Rassa cover Rassa cover


Cooking platform for users to discover recipes & chefs to build their community.
Raising £450,000 EIS
ESTHER cover ESTHER cover


The pocket-to-pocket giving app to reach some of the UK's most vulnerable people
Raising £650,000 SEIS/EIS
Emperia cover Emperia cover


Designing sales-boosting digital experiences through VR for art & fashion brands
Raising £500,000 EIS
Cyberselves Universal Ltd. cover Cyberselves Universal Ltd. cover


Connecting humans to robots by making it easier to control and program them.
Raising £300,000 SEIS/EIS
Renude Renude


A simpler, smarter way to find a skincare routine that works.
Raising £600,000 SEIS/EIS

05 Online Portal

Profit & Loss
Profit & Loss

Manage all your investment details online

SFC Investors can submit their fund applications, view their investment portfolio, download SEIS/EIS certificates and access all updates using their SFC Online account.