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Nuspec Oil is a UK-based private limited company focused on developing and manufacturing biodegradable base oils that replace toxic mineral oils in the production of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs). Stringent environmental regulations and pandemic restrictions reduced profitability and operational capabilities of traditional API Group I refineries, creating a 300 kilotonnes/year deficit of heavy base oils such as mineral bright stock. The bright stock market is worth 2 BLN GBP with ongoing uptake of 2.8 mln t/year. Nuspec Oil directly addresses shortages of mineral base oils and an urgent need for biodegradable, environmentally acceptable base oils. Nuspec Oil’s patent-pending biodegradable base oil (Nuspec® Elevation) can directly replace mineral bright stock at half the price of the synthetic oil, also offering: - Superlubricity, - Biodegradability and renewability, - No re-formulation and re-approval costs of finished lubricants, - Reduced carbon emissions by 80% per tone of the product. Nuspec Oil's business strategy is to outsource the majority of operations and Nuspec® Elevation manufacturing activities. Nuspec Oil will optimise operations and performance by building strategic alliances and decreasing manufacturing costs through novel processing. Outsourcing will enable Nuspec Oil to develop rapidly, making the investment opportunity highly lucrative. In the first phase, Nuspec Oil will scale up Nuspec® Elevation production to the required quantities. That will enable the continuation of Nuspec® Elevation testing with industrial partners and perform biodegradability and stability tests to obtain REACH certification. Nuspec has received positive feedback for the prototypes. Our existing customers have committed to purchases totalling 4000 t/year. Nuspec Oils's marketing strategy is to enter the market through an existing and established network of lubricant blenders and base oil distributors that supply products to the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Nuspec Oil will focus on highly innovative blenders producing Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) for marine and industrial markets. On top of £50K in-kind contribution from commercial partners and £15K State Aid, Nuspec Oil is seeking EIS investment of £385K for: - Team expansion - Regulatory compliance - First orders Nuspec Oil is led by experienced and talented entrepreneurs with over 25 years’ experience in raw material development and lubricant engineering. Our aim is to develop an agile company delivering innovative next¬-generation base oils to the lubricant and chemical industry.
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